Why Temp Work is Perfect for Pursuing a Degree

05.16.18 | Job Search, Professional Development

Being a student is usually synonymous with being stressed, considering internships, finals, papers, and every assignment and extra activity in between. On top of all that, you typically want to make a little money to help pay for your education. Instead of being overwhelmed, think about why being a temp is the perfect choice when you’re pursuing a degree.

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Get an Inside Look at Your Potential Career

For many temp positions, you have the opportunity to work for a company or department directly related to your chosen field. Here you can get a first-hand look at how everything works without feeling the same pressures as an intern. You might find yourself loving every second, affirming your choice, or realizing it isn’t the right environment for you. Not only are you making money, but also you can save in the long run instead of investing in a degree that isn’t right for you.

It’s Flexible

Temping is different from a lot of scheduled jobs because you maintain an amount of control. Your schedule is set up around your classes, and you can turn down positions if your schedule becomes too hectic.

Meet New Contacts

Even if the job isn’t in your field, you’re still working with business people who know other people. Establishing and maintaining these contacts can help you find a job when the time comes.

Gain Valuable Office Skills

Many post-grads enter the workplace for the first time having never worked in an office. They’ve spent their time in retail or restaurants, missing out on office dynamics. By spending time as a temp in a professional setting, you know what to expect.

Build Your Resume

Even if a lot of your temping is very temporary, you can list the experience you’ve gained under a section with the temp agency you’ve worked for to show your period of employment as well as the skills you acquired.

Get Recommendations and References

Similar to making contacts, the people you work for can be valuable down the line when it comes to speaking about your character and work ethic/ability. Even if you’re just out of school, you can impress new employers with people you know recommending you who aren’t friends and teachers.

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