“4 Benefits of Hiring Employees Through a Staffing Agency”

05.12.16 | Looking to Hire

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One size does not fit all and employees are no exception to the rule. The staffing needs of a rapidly expanding organization and a business that operates seasonally are going to be entirely different. Staffing agencies have access to a vast, ever-growing pool of qualified candidates that are a perfect fit for a variety of business needs. Your goal is to hire and retain talented employees; our goal is to find them for you.

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Here are some advantages of filling positions through a staffing agency:

Cut Costs< br>Avoid the cost of placing help wanted ads and running background checks. Staffing agencies take on the responsibility of recruiting, testing skills, screening, payroll, taxes, and benefits. When you hire employees through an agency, you eliminate many of these costs.

Balance Workload Fluctuations< br>As your busy season rolls around, avoid taxing your existing staff by hiring temporary employees to absorb some of the workload while the demand is high. The flexibility of hiring through an agency provides plenty of resources to get the job done well while avoiding the issue of overstaffing in the long run.

Access Candidates Immediately< br>If you’re in a pinch and don’t have time to seek out candidates, an agency is the way to go. They’ve already done the hard part: finding and vetting the best employees. All you have to do is make the call.

Avoid Unemployment Claims< br>Unemployment insurance claims can be costly for businesses. They range anywhere from $6,000 – $13,000 for each employee that is laid off. Staffing agencies take on the legal and financial responsibility of managing UI claims. This gives you the freedom to adjust your employee roster accordingly, without the stress of taking on unemployment costs.

Your employees are the bread and butter of your business, so you’re looking for top performers, not seat warmers. That’s why we put our employees through an exhaustive evaluation process including testing, background checks, employment verification, drug screenings and e-verify authorization – every employee, every time.

Find highly qualified candidates with strengths in manufacturing, light industrial, warehouse operations, and office support. Contact us today!

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