“Are You Getting The Right Candidates?”

01.19.17 | Looking to Hire

Much work can go into finding qualified, skilled candidates. After you hire a new employee it’s a huge relief, but how do you know if you made the right choice? Here are five questions you should ask yourself in the post-hire part of the HR journey to determine how your new hire is working out:

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< h3>1) Do the candidate’s background and work history match that of the position?< /h3>

A candidate’s resume can offer great insight into whether a person is right for the job and even how long they will stay. Think about your company’s values and the tone of their resume; do they seem to line up? According to U.S. News, some red flags to look out for include a work history that shows multiple short-term jobs, significant gaps in employment, or if a person has quit their company without having something else lined up. Hopefully, you vetted this out in reviewing their resume, and you’ll see that the new hire brings the ideal experience to contribute to your team.

< h3>2) Do they interact well with the team?< /h3>

In the beginning, pay attention to how the new employee communicates with the rest of your staff during the interviewing process, offering great insight into how the new hire is going to fit in with the company culture. Is the candidate polite and easygoing or arrogant and dismissive? One person can either bring down the team or motivate them to new levels. If you notice that the new employee is not jiving with the rest of the team, you may want to talk to that candidate as soon as possible to figure out what’s going on.

< h3>3) Are they a self-starter and take initiative to get tasks completed?< /h3>

A candidate’s work history and references should’ve given you a pretty good idea of whether the candidate is motivated, but you’ll be able to tell right away if a new hire takes the initiative to hit deadlines. Sometimes people like to have everything laid out for them and told what to do while others do not like someone looking over their shoulder all the time. If they are completing tasks on time and moving the company upwards, give them some recognition and praise to motivate not only the employee but all of the staff.

< h3>4) Do they bring a positive attitude to the team?< /h3>

Again, this comes back to the candidate’s body language and how they work well with others. Do they smile a lot? Do they seem excited when tasks are given to them? How did they get along with others at their last job? It’s pretty clear when someone is excited to be at work and when they’re not. If they’re unhappy, try to figure out why that is and remove them from the rest of the team so that they don’t affect the rest of the staff.

< h3>5) Is the team meeting and achieving its goals related to the new hire’s position?< /h3>

When you fill in that missing link with the ideal employee, great things can happen with the rest of the team. Again, it’s good to find that person who is inspiring, motivated and focused on the result while working in tandem with the rest of the staff to get there.

Unfortunately, there is no magic wand to know how a new employee is going to perform in their new role. We are all unique individuals, and that comes with various personalities and from different backgrounds. Because of that, it’s hard to tell whether anyone is the right fit. However, lessons can be learned from every employee that comes on board, and it’s good to write down the successes and failures to be able to make better decisions in the future.