“Four Eyes are Better than Two”

11.23.16 | Looking to Hire

Your company may already work with a staffing agency and understand the many benefits of using an agency to fill vacant positions. From quicker hiring times to easily finding qualified replacement workers, your staffing agency has helped you stay productive when you have sick employees, a sudden vacancy, need for more employees or a lot of staff members on vacation.

You already know that working with a staffing agency is worth every penny, but did you know that you can work with more than one staffing agency? By using multiple staffing agencies, you might find that your company has less productivity loss and more choices in temporary staff members. After all, using “two sets of eyes” looking for new workers is better than one.

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If you choose to work with multiple staffing agencies, you may enjoy these benefits:

< h3>A bigger (and better) talent pool< /h3>

When you work with two staffing agencies, you can choose from a much larger group of skilled and experienced workers. You might find people with the specialized experience you are looking for or enjoy more choices when selecting who joins your team.

< h3>Quicker turnaround on filling positions< /h3>

A more extensive talent pool also means more workers available to fill positions. With one staffing agency, you may not be able to find employees who aren’t currently working with other companies. However, with multiple staffing agencies, you are more likely to find employees who are ready to get working for you immediately. Plus, with both agencies looking out for an employee that has the skills you need, you are more likely to identify a candidate fast.

< h3>Comparison shopping options< /h3>

Now that you have a larger pool of employees to hire from, you can enjoy a little “comparison shopping.” You may find employees with similar skill sets, but hiring an employee from Staffing Agency A may cost you far less than hiring from Staffing Agency B. In the end, working with multiple staffing agencies could even save you money.

It might just seem like more work on your end to partner with multiple agencies, but your company will be more productive when they help you fill vacancies quicker with workers who fit your specific needs. Even if you already work with a staffing agency, consider exploring new agency options today to supplement your current staffing efforts and have more choice when growing your team.