How to Balance Hiring for Quality and Filling Jobs Fast

02.19.20 | Looking to Hire

When a role opens up at your company, you want to fill it fast to keep things running smoothly. You also want a high-quality employee who can rely on to do a good job and benefit your company. Often it may seem like these two goals are at odds, but there are ways to balance the two. These four tips will help you find better talent for the job, faster.

Make Sure the Job Description is Right

Ultimately to find the right person, you need a good job description. It’s an applicant’s first look at the role, and you want to make sure it’s appealing. This means correctly explaining the on-the-job duties as well as benefits. That way, a viewer understands exactly what you want and what is in it for them.

The best plan is to be updating job descriptions frequently, so they’re current and ready to go when needed. This way, you aren’t scrambling to put something together when someone leaves.

Fill and Nurture Your Pipeline

One of the best ways to get great talent fast is to have already them selected. By cultivating a pipeline of talent, you’re always keeping in mind people you can bring on to work. They could be candidates you found through networking, interviewing, or even just searching online. Beyond just a list, make sure you’re in contact with them to let them know your eventual interest. With regular communication, you’re nurturing the relationships.

Develop an Employee Referral Program

If you believe you have a great staff already, ask them to assist in finding talent. Open the job internally first and invite them to share with friends and family they feel have the talent and would be a great addition. This way, you’re engaging your team in the process and can even offer an incentive for referring excellent candidates that are eventually selected.

Partner with an Employment Agency

The idea of building a pipeline sounds good, but the reality of the situation is it may not be feasible for you at your company. Fortunately, there are agencies out there building it for you. When you need talent, partnering with a staffing agency can mean quality options much faster.

With a pool of candidates that are always growing, you can trust that they’re pulling from qualified options. Plus, with specialty areas, the recruiters are well-versed in your industry and know what you need.

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