Making A Good Impression On Temporary And Seasonal Workers

10.08.19 | Looking to Hire

Hiring temporary or seasonal workers can be a difficult and time-consuming task. Not only do you have to sort through stacks of applications, but once they’re hired, temp and seasonal workers can be hard to retain. In fact, a 2017 survey from the American Staffing Association found that 31% of temporary workers quit the job early. This is the last thing you want to happen during your busy season! Here are some ways to keep temp and seasonal workers around for the long haul.

Treat Temporary Workers Like Regular Employees 

Make your temporary and seasonal workers feel like part of the team. If an employee feels valued and appreciated they are more likely to stick around.  

Start by giving your temp workers the same training as your regular employees. Since they are typically hired during busy seasons, temp and seasonal workers may need to be brought up to speed even quicker than regular employees. 

Additionally, you should pay seasonal employees a fair wage and make sure they don’t get stuck with shifts that nobody wants. By simply treating temp workers fairly you may have temp and seasonal workers who return year after year, making your busy season a lot less hectic. 

Do Things By The Book

Most states view temporary employees legally the same as regular employees. You are required to pay them at least minimum wage and pay overtime. There are also special federal guidelines for hiring minors. Keeping everything above board will create trust between you and your employees which then translates into longer employee retention.  

Highlight Your Culture During the Interview 

Mention your company culture during the interview. Show seasonal workers that your company is worth their time and make them feel like they’re a part of something bigger. Whether that’s ping-pong tournaments during lunch hour, company-wide fitness challenges, or opportunities to give back to the community, make sure you give employees plenty of reasons to come back to work. 

Clearly Communicate Expectations   

Always be clear about the position and its responsibilities. The more they know about the job, the more likely a seasonal worker will stick around. The last thing you want is for your newly trained employee to leave because the job isn’t what they expected. In addition to leaving you short-staffed, you  waste your time and money.

Be Real About Future Opportunities 

Are there opportunities for full-time employment in the future? Be upfront about that too. If not, make sure to highlight the rewards of sticking around.

Are there long-term benefits to working for your company as a seasonal employee? These can include:

  • Learning new skills 
  • Meeting new people
  • Adding experience on a resume
  • Building good work references 
  • Fast-tracking future applications with your company  

Offer Incentives 

Speaking of rewards….are there benefits to working for your company? Some employees stick around for the perks, and we don’t blame them! This is a popular strategy with companies that might typically have high turnover. Starbucks, for example, offers baristas a free subscription to Spotify Premium. Music and coffee? Sign us up, please!  

(Fun fact: At Google’s headquarters, employees receive free meals from an on-site cafe and take naps in futuristic sleeping pods. New life goal: become a Starbucks barista inside Google’s headquarters…free music, free food, and naps.)

You don’t have to go crazy with incentives. Employee discounts, flexible hours, weekly paychecks, or $20 gas cards are all great ways to encourage your temp and seasonal workers to stick with you. 

Hire Temp and Seasonal Workers With Workbox Staffing 

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