“The Working Interview – Why Staffing Agencies Make It Easy to Try Before You Buy”

07.18.16 | Looking to Hire

What is a working interview? Think of it as an audition for a job. A working interview is a way to see a potential employee’s skills and abilities before you decide to hire them on.

Temporary employment agencies created the working interview so that employers could try out as many employees as necessary before they settled on the best fit. Many staffing agencies use the working interview as a marketing device to connect workers with businesses.

You might have to pay a small fee to get access to these temporary employees, but what you spend, regarding money, you will save time and hassle. Trying out different workers until you find a good fit is much easier than interviewing and hiring your own candidates, especially if they turn out to not be the right fit.

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Why Staffing Agencies Utilize Working Interviews

There are several reasons why staffing agencies use working interviews. Research shows that the working interview has a success rate of 90% for new hires, as opposed to a 50% success rate from traditional interviews. This same study states that the average hiring mistake can be 15 times more expensive than paying the salary of the wrong hire.

The process also gives the employer the power to choose the candidate that works the best for them. It also takes the guesswork out of the HR side of hiring new workers. Each staffing agency puts their workers through an evaluation process before they are eligible to work. This includes skill testing, previous employment verification, background checks, drug screening, and e-verify authorization.

The potential employer isn’t the only party to benefit from the working interview. This trial period also allows the employee to decide if the new position is a good fit for what they are looking for in a job.

At Workbox Staffing, we develop a scorecard for each position to measure the success of a hire for a specific client. The scorecard helps align employees with the vision and strategy of the organization, which helps us find the best person for your job. This scorecard and our method allow us to use the working interview to increase your new hire success rate and ensure that you get the best person for the job.

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