“Tips for Working With a Recruiter to Solve Your Staffing Needs”

12.13.16 | Looking to Hire

Hiring is a big responsibility. From the beginning, the duties can be overwhelming – promoting the open position, deciding on compensation, determining a timeline, interviewing, and finally, choosing the best candidate. Working with a staffing agency can relieve a lot of these duties as well as provide many opportunities. They can handle most of the work for you, guarantee qualified candidates, and serve as a resource for all of your hiring questions.

It’s important to work with a staffing agency with experience or expertise in your industry. For instance, if you’re in the manufacturing industry, you wouldn’t want to work with an agency that specializes in IT. Once you identify the appropriate agency, there are a few steps you can take to get the best results from the partnership.

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Have an Initial Meeting

To get the best results, the staffing agency should know as much about your business as possible. Request a meeting with a representative from the agency when you first start working with them to give an idea of how your business runs and your overall staffing needs. Answer the following questions to give your representative the best information:

  • Are you looking for a specific position?< /li>
  • How often do you hire?< /li>
  • What is your overall hiring budget?< /li>
  • Do you have high turnover?< /li>
  • What experience levels are you looking for?< /li>

You might not have the answers to all these questions, and some could be position-specific, but try to provide the representative with as much information as possible in the beginning. It will help you ensure that you’re one step closer to success with the agency.

Discuss Compensation

It’s crucial that your staffing agency be educated on your hiring budget and your budget per position. If you’re unsure of what you should be paying potential employees, a staffing agency is a great resource. It’s likely that they have staffed for the exact position you’re hiring for in the past, especially if you work with an agency specific to your industry. They can recommend competitive salaries based on position, experience, and background. They can also suggest a base salary to allow room for negotiation and recommend bonus amounts if that’s an option for your business and the position being discussed.

Be Prepared

Waiting until the last minute to let your staffing agency know that you need candidates won’t set anyone up for success. A staffing agency needs adequate time to find the best possible candidates, and you don’t want to rush this process. It’s best to be entirely sure about a hiring decision instead of just hiring someone on the fly and hoping for the best. This could lead to bad, unfit employees and high turnover rates.

There are situations where an employee submits a two-weeks notice, and because of the vital role they play, you need to replace them immediately. It’s hard to avoid being in this situation, but being as proactive as possible makes for finding the best candidates. Give your agency a timeline that works best for your company and the specific position, so they know how long they have to find someone.

Overseeing hiring can be an overwhelming responsibility. For the best results, work with a staffing agency with experience and specialty in your industry, and be proactive and transparent with the agency. It will help you find the best candidates for your positions, and you’ll have a great resource to rely on when questions or needs arise.