Welcome Aboard! Quickly Training Temporary Employees

11.19.19 | Looking to Hire

During your busy season, it’s imperative that you bring your temporary and seasonal workers up to speed quickly and efficiently. However, it’s not always a good idea to rush through training. A poorly trained worker will not be as productive and could even be a safety risk to your more experienced employees. Studies show that it takes at least eight months for a regular employee to reach full competency. When it comes to temporary and seasonal employees you simply don’t have that kind of time. Here are some tips for quickly training temporary employees.

Have a Plan For Training Temporary Employees

Create a documented training plan and lay everything out step by step. That way, paperwork gets filled out on time, training goals are met, and the new employee knows exactly what to expect. A basic training plan should include:

  • New employee paperwork
  • Necessary contact information
  • Safety training
  • Company policies
  • Basic day-to-day duties
  • An end-of-training evaluation

Set Clear Expectations

Your new employee should know exactly what’s expected of them in their new position. Even if the job doesn’t have a firm end date, make it clear that the position is a temporary one. Onboarding is also the time to go over company policies like tardiness or calling in sick. Make sure they know the rules and have the necessary information before they begin training.

Train the Person, Not the Position

If you’ve hired the right candidate, they already have the skills they need to do the job successfully. Adapt your training timeline to your employee’s current knowledge. You should train someone with no experience differently than a returning seasonal worker. Some employees will need less training, meaning they can more quickly become a productive member of your team. However, be careful not to prioritize speed over safety. An employee who isn’t properly trained will quickly become a safety hazard on the job.

Try the Buddy System

Try giving your newbie a buddy. Having someone to share their experiences with can help a new employee settle into a position. Either pair them with another new employee or with a more experienced worker who can give on-the-job pointers.

Schedule Regular Check-Ins

Remember to check back and see how your temp or seasonal employee is settling in. Ask how the job is going, and if the training prepared them for the position. Build a relationship with all your temp employees and take the time to get to know them. Every successful employee means a more successful business.

Treat Temporary Employees Like Part Of the Team

Even though they may only be with you for a short time, it’s important that you treat temporary workers like part of your full-time team. Most temp workers “feel” like they’re on the outside and it often creates unwanted tension in the workplace. Temp workers are there to do a job, just like your full-time employees. Treat them like you would any other worker.

Offer Incentives

We all work harder if we know there’s something in it for us. That’s just human nature. Consider offering small incentives for temp workers who complete their training on time and who consistently met workplace goals. The reward doesn’t have to be elaborate. Something as simple as a $20 gas card could make all the difference.

Wait, Don’t Forget Offboarding

Don’t forget the exit interview. Even temporary workers need a proper send-off. They helped you get through a busy and hectic season. Thank them for their hard work, and ask for feedback on what it was like to work for you. Temp and seasonal workers who return year after year means that you will spend less time onboarding them in the future. This is a win for everyone!

Make Hiring Simpler With Workbox Staffing

Bad training can turn the best candidate into a bad hire. Don’t stack the deck against your temporary and seasonal staff! At Workbox Staffing, we give you every tool for success when it comes to your temporary and seasonal staff. Successful employees lead to a successful business. Our candidates go through an extensive evaluation process that’s tailored to your needs. This means we deliver the right person for the position—every time. Give us a call and ask about our unique approach to staffing.