4 Ways to Stop Getting Ghosted During the Recruiting Process

01.22.20 | Looking to Hire

Since the beginning of the modern workforce, people have failed to show up for interviews or even the job itself. You go through all the work of scheduling and onboarding only to have them vanish before following through on the commitment. While this action isn’t new, it has a new name: ghosting.

Made popular by dating trends, ghosting represents when another party seemingly disappears without any notice. There’s no explanation and you never hear from them again. Despite this being a long-standing issue in the world of employment, within the last two years ghosting in the recruiting process been on the rise. You can’t control all the ghosts, but here are four ways to get ghosted less during the hiring process.

1. Communicate Frequently

There are several factors in the hiring process you might not have control over, but how much you communicate isn’t one of those areas. One of the easiest ways to have a candidate ghost you is failing to keep them updated. Engage them throughout the process to keep their interest and show them you haven’t forgotten.

2. Use Automation

If frequent communication sounds time-consuming, there’s a solution for you. Try setting up automation. Like the name suggests, email automation allows you to set emails to send at programmed intervals, so you get to communicate important information automatically. Just write the emails and update them as needed and now you have an excellent communication option.

3. Edit for Time

Another main reason candidates will ghost is because your outdated hiring process takes years to complete. That may be an exaggeration, but that’s what it can feel like to job seekers. They’ll become disinterested or even accept another offer in the time it takes you to make it through your process, meaning you’ve lost your top choice and have started back at the beginning. Streamline what you’re doing so it works in a modern world.

4. Show Your Candidates They’re Valuable

There used to be a belief that candidates should grovel and do whatever they can for the company, but that attitude is changing. As the workforce evolves, it’s becoming more of a candidate market where they’re in control. With more options than ever, they may not actually need your job. Instead of taking your time and keeping them in the dark because they should be so lucky to get hired, remember that they’re the talent you’re looking for. You want them because of what they have to offer, which is valuable to you.

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