“Local vs National: Why Your Nearby Staffing Agency is Your Best Bet”

09.20.16 | Looking to Hire

National staffing firms may have an extensive reach and decent brand awareness, but that doesn’t necessarily make them more qualified or better than a smaller local hiring organization. Local staffing agencies have more at stake in the recruiting process, therefore they provide a higher level of customer service. Recruiters from local staffing companies tend to stay late to fill orders and do what it takes to get the job done. From experience and knowledge to access and personalized service, local agencies have significant advantages over national agencies.

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Local Firms Have Better Knowledge of the Marketplace

One of the reasons to use a local staffing company is because a lot of factors go into the recruiting process and a local agency is willing to put in the time to find quality candidates. Understanding the local housing situation, weather patterns, transportation options, and more are keys to finding the right people for the right jobs. National staffing firms may not have the bandwidth to provide the level of service that you need.

A local staffing agency like Workbox uses a “small town” attitude in approaching clients’ staffing needs; the down-to-earth local staffing company relies on developing personal relationships, being available and communicative, and natural in the recruiting process.

Working with a locally-owned staffing agency can also help boost your reputation. If the staffing agency is involved in the community through events or donating to local nonprofits, it looks that much better when you are partnered up with them. A local staffing company that can network and create personal connections on behalf of your company is laying the groundwork for your organization’s success.

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Access to the Best Candidates Right Now

Local agencies already have a pulse on the local job market and can prescreen the best and brightest job candidates quickly being right there in the area. It’s easier to find a perfect fit when you have a dedicated recruitment team willing to put in the time and effort to your cause.

Personalized Service at Reasonable Rates

Not only is a local staffing company more likely to create custom solutions at competitive rates, but it’s also much easier to drop in on a local recruitment office to have a one-on-one conversation about whatever is on your mind. Finding the right local staffing company that is committed to finding creative solutions to your problems and is dedicated to serving you, in the long run, will ultimately end up in your business < g class="gr_ gr_40 gr-alert gr_gramm gr_inline_cards gr_run_anim Grammar multiReplace" id="40" data-gr-id="40">being< /g> as profitable and productive as possible.

What is the Number One Reason Why I Should Use a Local Staffing Company?

In many instances, a larger staffing company will focus on the more significant clients and forget about the smaller one. But at a local staffing agency, its clients are never ‘just a number.’ We treat each client with an equal amount of respect and commitment. You need that local staffing agency that sticks with you from the beginning of the recruitment process and does whatever it takes to help reach optimum results. < br>

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