Your Secret Key to Filling Jobs? Redeployment.

02.06.20 | Looking to Hire

When you have jobs to fill in your company, have you considered redeployment? This strategy involves reassigning your staff to a different role within your organization. Instead of looking for outside talent, you’re better utilizing who you currently have. Here are four benefits of redeployment at your company.

Improves Your Image

If you were looking for jobs, would you want to work for a company with a reputation for letting people go? Probably not, which is why redeployment can save you from a less than stellar reputation and help attract better talent.

By using your current staff to their maximum ability and not being afraid to move them into different roles, you’re presenting yourself as a company that cares about its people.

Encourages More Loyalty and Longevity

This strategy is two-fold in its benefits in creating loyalty. First, you’re helping to boost employees up the ladder and moving them around the company to positions where they can learn new skills and thrive. You’re taking the time to get to know them and their strengths and working with them.

Second, if someone isn’t doing as well in a role, you’re showing you believe in them by moving them into something new instead of letting them go. Some organizations will cut what they view as unnecessary weight, but you’re showing you believe in finding the right fit for everyone.

Saves You Money

You know retention costs less than recruitment, so why wouldn’t you want to focus on keeping your current team? Redeployment gives you the option to fill and consolidate roles without every posting a position. More than just moving people around, you’re taking an honest look at your structure and figuring out where everyone fits best, boosting your profitability and productivity.

Build a Positive Company Culture

Once you gain a reputation for dropping employees, your culture can quickly turn toxic with employees living in fear that they’ll be next. When you practice redeployment, you’re improving your company culture and helping your team to feel more secure. As a result, they’ll show their gratitude through their work and loyalty.

Find an Employment Agency That’s Right for You

Even when you successfully use redeployment, there will likely be times when you need outside help. Instead of stressing out, try partnering with Workbox Staffing. We know you aren’t just looking for a body in a role, but a dedicated and passionate employee you can trust. Our mission is to provide this quality person. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.