“8 Podcasts to Boost Your Management Skills”

08.08.18 | Management Tips

Irreverent, humorous, and enlightening; sometimes all at once. You can find a podcast to suit any of your interests, whether it’s the folklore that shaped our stories today, movie reviews, history, or just news. And that’s just scratching the surface – there really is something for everyone, and then some.

As a supervisor, the podcasts available extend beyond your personal interests. Developmental podcasts exist to help managers grow and become better leaders. Instead of spending your commute or workout listening to music, try these eight podcasts to boost your management skills.

1. This Is Your Life hosted by Michael Hyatt

More than just business tips, < em>This Is Your Life< /em> is designed to connect with leaders on a different level. Hyatt uses his wisdom, humor, and the lessons he’s learned to discuss intentional living and providing ways for high achievers to lead well without becoming overwhelmed.

2. Dose of Leadership hosted by Richard Rierson

Rierson uses his interviewing skills to talk to leaders from all industries, including the NFL, authors, and investors.

3. The LEADx Show hosted by Kevin Kruse

This business-daily podcast by Kruse, the < em>New York Times< /em> bestselling author, includes interviews with top leadership experts. As an added perk, each episode contains a challenge to make you a better manager.

4. Eternal Leadership hosted by John Ramstead

Ramstead uses his podcast to teach you how to lead in such a way that your legacy lives beyond your life through the why, how, and what of leading beyond influence.

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5. Coaching for Leaders hosted by Dave Stachowiak

Just because you don’t think you’re a natural born leader doesn’t mean you can’t get there. The philosophy of Stachowiak’s podcast is just that. He brings in experts to provide actionable suggestions to help you improve.

6. The Nice Guys on Business hosted by Doug Sandler

Just because you’re in business doesn’t mean you need to be cutthroat. This podcast is a conversation about life, including real stories of failure, success, and struggle. Even more, it’s about a positive approach to life and work centered around kindness instead of negative thinking.

7. The Go-Giver hosted by Bob Burg

This is an extension of Burg’s bestselling book of the same name. Simply put, it’s about why providing value for others is the best way to work and live. The episodes contain a brief thought of inspiration with a 15-minute interview.

8. Engaging Leader hosted by Jesse Lahey

To be a world changer today means more than just being a leader – it’s about being an engager. This podcast is all about getting your team to engage in the mission of your organization.

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