“Are Generic Interview Questions a Thing of the Past?”

10.10.18 | Looking to Hire, Management Tips

Are Generic Interview Questions a Thing of the Past?A common thread in all interviews is the set of generic questions asked and answered by all involved. Whether you’ve only been on the receiving end or have used them yourself, you’re familiar with the standard questions that accompany the interview process. Despite the endless amounts of questions to ask, the same ones always pop up.

What’s the Issue With Generic Interview Questions?

At this point, you might be wondering, “what’s the big deal?” Maybe they’re overused because they’re proven classics. Wanting to know someone strengths, weaknesses, and five-year plan helps paint a clear picture of the candidate. Below are some issues that indicate why questions like these might just become extinct.

Candidates Will Lie

Take a moment to think about your greatest weakness. Is it one you would share in an interview? Instead of admitting they can become overwhelmed easily with a heavy workload, a candidate will tell you their greatest weakness is caring too much. It’s technically a strength phrased as a weakness.

In a way, you’re forcing interviewees into this space where they feel they can’t answer honestly. Most people want jobs for several reasons, but money is usually the main motivation. How many times do you seriously get told salary is why someone wants you to hire them?

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Everything Is Practiced

Candidates lie at his moment because they’re anticipating the question, and they want to answer correctly. They know what a company wants to hear and tailor their responses to generic questions to please their interviewer.

You Can’t Get a Real Feel for Candidates

Because candidates have practiced the canned responses to your questions, you can’t really tell what they bring to the table. Instead of being honest in the moment, they’re shining everything up to increase their chances of employment. You can’t fault them, but you can change your ways.

Ask Different Questions

Instead of going the expected route, try developing unique questions related to the experience that will help illuminate more than just their qualifications. Being able to think on the spot is an important skill that shows how an applicant works under pressure.

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