How High-Touch Recruitment Enhances Your Workforce Quality

01.17.24 | Management Tips

Many companies have begun turning to high-tech recruiting strategies, utilizing software solutions and artificial intelligence (AI) to streamline the hiring process. These tools and technologies certainly have their place, speeding up the process and taking some of the pressure off of HR teams. But high-tech recruiting cannot replace personalized, high-touch recruitment, especially for hands-on industries such as the industrial and manufacturing sectors. Here is what employers need to know.

What Is High-Touch Recruitment?

As the name suggests, high-touch recruitment means building more personalized relationships with potential candidates. A human being actually interacts with them at regular intervals throughout the hiring journey. They have the opportunity to ask questions and get real responses, and they feel like more than just a number. High-touch recruiting is also customizable, allowing the recruiter to meet candidates where they are and recognize their needs and concerns.

Is High-Tech High-Touch Recruiting Possible?

Of course! It isn’t an either-or. You can use all the tools and technologies you have come to rely on to move candidates through the process. And most candidates appreciate this. They don’t want to get bogged down in a manual process, and they enjoy being able to reach out online or through text messages. High-tech, high-touch recruiting simply requires a change in mindset: remembering that software and technology are just tools. Use them to support your high-touch recruiting strategies rather than expecting them to do all the work.

How Can Workbox Staffing Help?

High-touch recruiting takes time and energy, which many HR teams simply don’t have. At Workbox Staffing, recruiting is our core business. We take pride in offering highly personalized, high-touch talent acquisition for all of our clients. We know that “fit” is extremely important in successful hiring, so we take the time to get to know both our partner companies and our candidates. And we retain a small-town perspective, in which face-to-face meetings are a key part of getting to know people. We’re also problem-solvers and are eager to help you face even the most complex staffing challenges.

Need Some New Employees?

Workbox Staffing partners with light industrial companies to provide temporary, temp-to-hire, or permanent employees in more than 30 locations across the Midwest, Midatlantic, and Southeast. If you’re ready to grow your workforce, get in touch with us today!