How First Impressions Impact Employee Retention

07.06.16 | Management Tips

Active onboarding processes for new employees can make all the difference in the world when it comes to retaining employees. Understanding how first impressions impact employee retention can significantly change how you conduct your employees’ first day of work.

According to a of employees conducted by BambooHR, one-third of employees quit a job after six months; 15% reported that a lack of an adequate onboarding process was to blame. So what can you do to ensure you are onboarding new employees efficiently and retaining them sustainably?

Apply For Jobs at Workbox StaffingThe following six suggestions for onboarding new employees can help get you, and your new hires started off on the right foot.

Be Prepared

Your days are busy, but your new hires need to feel at ease. Be prepared by creating a universal checklist you can use for all new employees to ensure all elements of the onboarding process are completed and tracked. There is nothing worse than a scattered boss to add to the first-day jitters of your new hire.

Prepare Paperwork In Advance

Consider bringing in your new hires before their first day to complete paperwork. You can also email the paperwork and have the new hires provide an electronic signature. This saves time and streamlines the onboarding process the first day and week.

Designate a Workspace

Prepare and clean personal workspaces and provide relevant tools, technology, and other pertinent information. Make them feel like they are part of the team from day one. Make them feel like their arrival is anticipated and important.

Give Them Proper Access to Internal Systems

Onboard new employees by including them in the day-to-day workings of your company from day one. Provide them with login information, pertinent phone numbers, software training, email addresses and access, and any other items they may need to start their actual job on day one.

Provide Each New Hire With An Onboarding Guide

If you have a guide or reference manual, give it to each new hire and provide instructions about what processes they are expected to complete on the first day or during the first week. If you don’t have a guide, consider creating one. It will save everyone time and prevent unnecessary confusion.

Do Something Special

From day one it is your responsibility to show you are excited to have your new hires on your team. Consider planning a welcome lunch or happy hour with the whole team. This gesture will surely motivate your new hires to return on day two.

To increase employee retention be prepared, have an official onboarding process, and be present on your new hire’s’ first day! If you can’t do the actual onboarding on the first day, take time to greet and welcome your new hire. And remember: you never get a second chance to make an excellent first impression.