How to Know When You Should Shift and Hire Internally

02.02.19 | Looking to Hire, Management Tips

Hiring internally vs. externally is one of the most important decisions you’ll face in the hiring process. For some companies, internal applicants are always reviewed first, with an outside candidate brought in only when there’s no one with the right skills and experience. Others do more of a balance, depending on the specifics of the job.

No matter your style, it’s likely you’ve had to decide whether to hire an internal candidate or look for someone outside of your organization. Next time you’re in the midst of this dilemma, ask yourself these questions to determine if you should shift talent around and hire internally.

Are you just trying to get rid of someone?

Sometimes when a position opens up it’s tempting to move an underperforming member of your team to another department. They might be well-suited, or they might be taking up space in a role that an external candidate would better fill. When considering an employee shift, make sure it’s based on their merits. If not, it might be time to remove them from your company based on their performance.

Does the employee want the job?

If you don’t automatically open positions to internal candidates, but have an employee in mind for the position, see if they come to you. This can demonstrate confidence in themselves and that they see the same value you have for them. In some cases, it’s still right for you to approach someone you feel is qualified, but this method allows you to learn more about them.

Do I know they measure up against top talent?

While you know that an employee is a star in your company, that doesn’t mean they measure up to candidates outside of your organization. Even if you have someone you want for the job, it doesn’t hurt to bring in in external candidates for interviews to be sure. They can either confirm your suspicion the employee is right or help you find someone better.

Have I made the expectations for the role clear?

From the employee’s perspective, shifting their career internally can feel safer, because they have the cushion of their old job to fall back on should they fail in this new capacity. You certainly don’t want your people to fail, but it should be made clear that once this position is accepted, they can’t go back to what they used to do. This will help in their decision to make sure the position is the right move for them.

Delivering the best external candidates

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