How to Make the Workplace Safer in the Winter

11.07.19 | Management Tips

Like it or not, winter is coming. With it brings new safety challenges and hazards for your manufacturing company. Even if it seems like you still have time, now is the time to take proactive steps to make your workplace safer before the snow falls.

Be aware of the most common accidents

Sleet, snow, and ice all wreak havoc during the winter and cause serious injuries and accidents for your team. Your manufacturing company can’t afford to overlook the risks and not be prepared for these potential accidents.

Slips and falls

These are always a risk during the nicest days and the threats are magnified once the weather makes every surface more slippery. Outside walkways and stairs face the most exposure, but workers tracking the snow and ice can cause slippery entrances and hallways.

Vehicle accidents

Obviously, elements that cause accidents on foot can also cause them in a vehicle. Road conditions can deteriorate rapidly, putting your employees in a potentially dangerous situation.

Physical ailments

Outside of what an accident because of the weather can cause, there’s also the risk of physical ailments like hypothermia and frostbite. For workers who spend a lot of time outside during the extreme cold, this can be a real threat.

What can you do?

Now that you know the risks, it’s time to determine what you can do at your workplace to avoid them at all costs. Some things will be out of your control, but you don’t want to overlook a solution to make your company safer.

Make sure your team is wearing the proper equipment

If your workers are going to be outside, make sure they’re dressed in the appropriate gear. This can include specialty coats, boots, and gloves. Don’t just tell them – make sure it’s enforced.

Keep your vehicles safe

Make sure your company cars and trucks are winter-ready with snow tires, windshield wiper fluid, up-to-date inspections, and scrapers and brushes to clean off the snow. It’s also advisable to keep an emergency kit in each vehicle just in case.

Maintain your walkways

Any slip or fall on your property, whether it’s one of your employees or a member of the public, could become grounds for a lawsuit. Maintenance and snow removal should be a top priority in the winter months to keep everyone safe.

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