Improve Industrial Employees’ Engagement and Retention With These Tips

05.16.23 | Management Tips

Are you struggling to maintain employee engagement? Are your top workers checked out? Have you lost some key members of your team to other companies? If any of this sounds familiar, try these suggestions to boost overall engagement among your light industrial workers.

Be Transparent

Your team members deserve to know what they’re getting into when hired. And they deserve to know about any changes that occur while they’re working for you. Let them know about the challenges they will face and the best perks of the role.

Act on Feedback

Your light industrial workers are your eyes and ears on the front lines. They know what’s working and what needs improvement. Set up multiple channels for employees to offer feedback and always act on their suggestions. Exactly what they want may not be practical, but there’s usually something you can offer to make them feel heard and respected.

Focus on Inclusivity

Workplace discrimination and harassment are unfortunately still common, especially in traditionally white male-dominated industries. Ensure all voices are equally valued, and set a zero-tolerance policy for bullying or intimidation.

Offer Flexibility

Light industrial workers must be physically on-site to do their jobs, so remote work is not an option. But what about flexible scheduling? Compressed workweeks and other novel arrangements can provide a healthier work-life balance and boost employee engagement.

Provide Fair Pay and Generous Benefits

Conduct a pay audit to ensure that everyone is being compensated fairly. Make sure the pay rates you offer are competitive within your area. Consider offering cash bonuses for meeting performance objectives. And take a hard look at your benefits plan. Could you add childcare and mental health benefits? What about a menu of options that allows employees to choose the benefits that are right for them?

Implement Mentorships and Job Shadowing

Match new hires with seasoned employees who can act as mentors. And encourage ongoing career development by adding a job shadowing program. Employees tend to be more loyal when they know they can carve out a career path rather than just working a job.

Check-in Regularly

An open-door policy is a great start. But light industrial workers may see themselves as weak or ineffective if they need to seek advice from management. Proactively check in on each employee at least once a month. Seek feedback about everything from their job satisfaction to their ideas on improving your processes. Always lead with empathy and an understanding that times are tough for many people.

Need Some New Employees?

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