“Keeping Your Employees Motivated as Summer Approaches”

05.09.18 | Management Tips

Something about summer always stirs a change in employee behavior – most notably a drop in productivity. Perhaps it’s because, for 13-plus years, you know the approaching warmer weather means school is almost out and it’s time to relax for three months. Alternatively, maybe after a long winter, no one wants to stay inside.Apply For Jobs at Workbox Staffing

Regardless of the reason, it’s a phenomenon common in every industry. Many businesses even note the summer as their slower months. If you want to keep your employees motivated as we get closer to summer, try these suggestions.

< h3>Create Goals< /h3>

If you mentally check out during the summer, so will they. Maintaining direction and your expectations will show them it’s essential they still fulfill all their duties. With specific summer goals, you give them something to work toward and keep your company’s productivity from falling when the dog days set in.

< h3>Let Them Go Outside< /h3>

Goals are important, but so is letting them enjoy the weather. When you need to be inside, stay inside. When you can, look for opportunities to meet outside. Schedule more outside meetings, both physically outside and at other locations. Try to move your office parties outside when possible. Look at anything on your schedule and think about your team and ask, ‘Could we do this outside?’

< h3>Encourage Them to Take a Break< /h3>

It’s summer, and vacations are almost a necessity. Instead of creating a culture where breaks are frowned upon, actively motivate your team to take time off to enjoy the weather. Be flexible – maybe incorporate flextime< /strong> more. Give them two 15 minutes breaks throughout the day when they can see and feel the sunshine.

Ultimately, the key to motivating employees when summer arrives isn’t to fight the season but embrace it. Turn the summer months into exciting ones for your business and lead your team to a place where as much as they’d rather be outside, they’re still staying focused at work.

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