The new Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) budget officially began in October 2018 for Fiscal Year 2019, meaning the new updates are beginning to take effect. Here are some of the major changes for you to be aware of in your workplace:

Beryllium Standards

One of the areas of major reforms for OSHA are the beryllium standards. Beryllium is a chemical element in an alkaline earth metal with cancer-causing properties. The new rule is designed to prevent chronic beryllium disease and lung cancer in workers. Specifically, the standards are for general industry, shipyards and construction.

Currently, more than 60,000 workers are exposed to beryllium on the job every year. This includes both shipyard and construction workers conducting abrasive blasting operations with slags that may contain beryllium in trace amounts. Protecting workers isn’t a new initiative, but the revised rules will save an estimated 90 lives and prevent an additional 46 cases of chronic beryllium disease in a year.

Record keeping Rule

OSHA revised this recordkeeping rule with two major changes, including industries that do not have to keep OSHA updated with their injury and illness records and the list of work-related injuries that must be reported to OSHA.

Exempt industries experience relatively low on-the-job injury and illness and, therefore, aren’t required to submit every case to OSHA. The previous list used information gathered from the Standard Industrial Classification system and illness data gathered from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) for the years 1996, 1997, and 1998. Now the list is assembled from the North American Industry Classification System and BLS numbers from 2007 to 2009. If a company has 10 or fewer employees, they are exempt regardless of industry.

For work-related injuries that have to be reported to OSHA, the eight-hour window to report fatalities remains with the addition of other incidents that must be reported within 24 hours, including loss of an eye, in-patient hospitalization, and amputations.

 Fit-Testing Procedures

Another area receiving revisions are the processes for testing the fit of respiratory equipment. The complete list of general requirements for fit-test protocols can be found on OSHA’s website.

 Hire employees you can trust

 One of the keys to a safe work environment is hiring the right team to follow the protocols. That’s why at Workbox Staffing, we take the time to screen and vet our candidates to make sure they value safety as much as you do. Our extensive evaluation system finds the employees you need for your manufacturing, warehouse, and light industrial operations. Find the right employees for you today!

Hiring internally vs. externally is one of the most important decisions you’ll face in the hiring process. For some companies, internal applicants are always reviewed first, with an outside candidate brought in only when there’s no one with the right skills and experience. Others do more of a balance, depending on the specifics of the job.

No matter your style, it’s likely you’ve had to decide whether to hire an internal candidate or look for someone outside of your organization. Next time you’re in the midst of this dilemma, ask yourself these questions to determine if you should shift talent around and hire internally.

Are you just trying to get rid of someone?

Sometimes when a position opens up it’s tempting to move an underperforming member of your team to another department. They might be well-suited, or they might be taking up space in a role that an external candidate would better fill. When considering an employee shift, make sure it’s based on their merits. If not, it might be time to remove them from your company based on their performance.

Does the employee want the job?

If you don’t automatically open positions to internal candidates, but have an employee in mind for the position, see if they come to you. This can demonstrate confidence in themselves and that they see the same value you have for them. In some cases, it’s still right for you to approach someone you feel is qualified, but this method allows you to learn more about them.

Do I know they measure up against top talent?

While you know that an employee is a star in your company, that doesn’t mean they measure up to candidates outside of your organization. Even if you have someone you want for the job, it doesn’t hurt to bring in in external candidates for interviews to be sure. They can either confirm your suspicion the employee is right or help you find someone better.

Have I made the expectations for the role clear?

From the employee’s perspective, shifting their career internally can feel safer, because they have the cushion of their old job to fall back on should they fail in this new capacity. You certainly don’t want your people to fail, but it should be made clear that once this position is accepted, they can’t go back to what they used to do. This will help in their decision to make sure the position is the right move for them.

Delivering the best external candidates

When it’s time to look outside your organization to fill your ranks, trust Workbox Staffing to do the heavy lifting for you. We provide high-quality employees to help with your manufacturing, light industrial, warehouse and office operations. Even better, our screening and vetting process means you’ll experience a lower turnover rate because we know we’re delivering the top talent to you. Learn more about how Workbox is an employment agency with you in mind.

Getting along with your co-workers is necessary for your success at work. For full-time employees, one-third of your week is spent around these people, leaving plenty of opportunities for tempers to flare and gossip to spread. To start your relationship with your co-workers on the right foot at a new job, remember these four tips:

Show you’re ready to go

You want to start your first day off right for a number of reasons, including establishing relationships with your team. By arriving on time and prepared to face the day, you’re showing your new co-workers you’re here to be productive and work.

Introduce yourself

Some introductions might be made by your supervisor, but it’s possible you’ll find yourself with very few connections the first day. Nerves might be a factor given everything else going on, so prepare for these initial meetings. Consider nailing down your intro speech ahead of time, so you’re not scrambling with every new person you meet. By knowing what you need to say, you can face these conversations with confidence.

Stay engaged

No matter how much you want to check your phone, resist, especially during your first few weeks. Because you’re new, people will watch you with more scrutiny, meaning excessive cell phone use may cause them to approach a supervisor about your performance. Get to know the company and culture before taking personal calls, texts or emails.

Don’t rush out at the end of your day

When the workday finally ends, it’s tempting to rush home, relax and decompress after everything that happened. Instead of being one of the first ones out of the office, try staying and journaling your thoughts and experiences from throughout the day. This quiet time allows you to focus on questions, take notes, and write down any ideas to discuss at a later date. You can also use this time to write down everyone you met and first impressions. This simple act of notetaking may help you get to know your team members faster.

Workbox Staffing is changing expectations

We’re a staffing agency focused on delivering the best opportunities. Our approach of handshakes and relationships might be old fashioned, but our guarantee remains timeless. Workbox Staffing partners with you to find the perfect opportunity. Learn more about our positions available today!

Filling a position at your company isn’t as easy as posting the job, receiving an application, interviewing and then hiring. These are the basic steps, but each takes time and consideration, causing your hire time to delay dramatically. Being thorough is important but taking too long can have negative results on both your company and the candidate you eventually select.

Secure better talent

Your dedication to choosing the best candidate can actually cost you the most qualified talent. The longer you wait, the more likely it is your in-demand applicants will interview and receive offers from other companies.

Instead of accepting your offer, it might be too late, or they may use another opportunity for leverage. You have to wait longer for an answer, and the candidate might end up costing more money.

Plus, the longer you delay in deciding, the easier it is to forget what you liked about candidates, and the comparison becomes challenging, meaning you could miss the most qualified because you forgot what they had to offer.

Save time and money

The longer a position is open, the more other members of the team are dedicating themselves to doing the work and assisting in the hiring process. Your productivity can decrease because no one is devoting themselves fully to their job.

If you wait too long and miss out on your preferred candidate, you’ll have to settle for someone who might not be a good fit, meaning the time and money you spend can ultimately amount to a loss if this person decides to leave.

Improved company reputation

Websites like Glassdoor make it easy to rate and comment on a company’s inner workings, including the hiring process. If you take too long, frustrated candidates may go online and discuss their situation, causing future applicants to decide against pursuing a position at your company.

When you try to hire quickly and keep the candidates informed along the way, you’re creating a better experience for them and ultimately helping yourself in the future.

Let us make it easy for you

At Workbox Staffing, we understand how stressful the hiring process can be and how much time it can take. We guarantee we’ll find you the top performers you need to succeed, not just a body to fill a void. Find out more about our areas of specialty and how we can assist you with all your hiring needs!

One of the best problems to have as a hiring manager is two standout candidates you want to hire. Too often, you have the opposite problem when you don’t have a single star from your search and you’re forced to settle. With two great options, you know no matter what, you’re getting an exceptional employee. Use these tips to make the decision between two candidates.

Think About Your Culture

At the end of the day, you know both applicants are qualified, so you need to find the one who will fit in best with your company culture. One of the easiest tests is to think about an after-hours work event. Which candidate seems like they will fit in the best in this environment with the rest of your team?

Decide What You’re Actually Looking For

Break down the position by skills, team members, cultures, etc. Create an ideal version of the employee you’d like to hire and see which candidate aligns best with what you envision. This way, you’re looking at them from all angles and matching them to who you feel would be the perfect fit.

Talk to Your Teammates

This works in two ways: First by talking to those who were also in the interview to gauge their opinion, and second my discussing the matter with the new hire’s team. When you do this, you’re bringing in new insight that may help you see the matter more clearly and come to a decision faster. Plus, you’re including their teammates, which will make them feel more involved and more like they had a say in who joined them.

Consider Your Offer

Even if a candidate has made it this far with you, it doesn’t mean they will automatically say yes when you extend an offer. Additionally, the fact you really want them might mean they’re equally desired elsewhere. Once you’ve made your choice, it’s important to make sure your offer is competitive, and expresses how much you want to hire this person.

Failing to tailor an offer or go higher than you anticipated might mean they pass for another opportunity or reject what you initially present, causing the process to go longer. If you really want this candidate, you need to prove it.

Find Top Candidates With Workbox Staffing

When you want to find the best, don’t settle for your usual methods or other staffing companies. Trust Workbox – not only do we promise the best, we deliver. Every employee who comes into our system has been thoroughly vetted to make sure, without fail, we’re presenting the absolute top-tier talent to you. Find out more about our areas of specialty and what we can do for you today!

Becoming a supervisor is about more than a promotion to the title. To succeed, you need to look at your personality and skills, and figure out what you can do to make sure you become a great supervisor. Consider your current leadership style and think about how you can improve. Talk to your team and figure out what they’re looking for in an effective manager. For reference, here are a few things that make a great supervisor.


The power of a positive attitude can’t be overestimated. It’s one of the most important things you can bring to a team. When you show up for work with a good attitude, it will rub off on your team and spread to their environments, as well. Instead of being frustrated when a problem arises, your attitude will help you maintain calm and be an effective problem solver.


A good manager understands not only that they can’t do it all, but that there are people on their team who are equipped to do it better. Hand down tasks to your employees based on their skills and areas of responsibilities. Failure to target delegating might mean passing an assignment to someone who isn’t comfortable or right for the job.


This is one of the more frequently discussed, because it is that important. Failure to both talk to and listen to your employees can lead to a dysfunctional team. They need to know you’ll keep them informed and they can talk to you about anything, and trust you’ll handle it well.


This branches into several different areas, including deadlines and working hours. Essentially, you need to understand your team and their limitations. See how much they’re working and how much more they have to give. Sometimes, all that could be done is being done, which means a deadline might need to be adjusted. Occasionally an employee who’s a parent might need to adjust their schedule to meet a need for their child. No matter the specific situation, being accommodating as a manager can lead to increased loyalty from your team.

Looking for a New Management Position?

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