Four Ways to Finding Your Passion

03.26.18 | Professional Development

All the career help guides tell you if you find what you’re passionate about, and dedicate your career to it; you’ll be fulfilled. For some, the answer comes quickly and easily. For others, that’s not always the case.

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Many want to get a job that aligns with what they care about, then realize identifying that passion is harder than they thought. Instead of worrying, try these four ways to find your passion:

1. Make A List Of What You Love

When have you felt the happiest? What were you doing? Out of all of your hobbies and interests, which bring you the most joy? Consider everything that makes you happy and create a list, omitting nothing. Some of it might seem far-fetched and unobtainable, but it’s important to understand how these things all tie into your passion.

2. Find The Connections

On their own, these items will probably appear disconnected and strange. At this stage, you might look over your list and see no discernible connection, and that’s okay! The goal isn’t to treat them like ingredients you have to work together to make a delicious dish – instead, it’s about seeing where they can fit. Look at the skills and talents behind each and consider careers and jobs that will allow you to pursue what you enjoy.

3. Decide What A Career vs. Is A Hobby

At this stage, you might have a few ideas. It’s essential to decide what is merely a hobby and where you can build a career. This stage is hard, and it can mean letting go of pipe dreams. It involves being realistic about what you can and can’t do. For example, perhaps your goal is to be a Broadway star, but if you can’t sing, it’s time to consider something else.

Conversely, this can be the time you decide to go for that crazy idea. On paper, it might seem like a hobby, but if you feel it’s the right step, try it and know instead of wonder and regret.

4. Be Prepared For Pushback

Once you find your passion and put the measures in place to pursue it, you will encounter people who won’t agree. It can come from people you currently work with who don’t want to lose you or family members who don’t want you to make a mistake. Reinventing your life is scary, but when you spend most of your time working, taking the chance is worth it.

Work With A Recruiter To Find Your Passion

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