How Your Attitude Affects Your Career

11.05.19 | Professional Development

The phrase ‘attitude is everything’ is a common adage you’ve probably heard at some point in your life. It represents that your response in all situations is dictated by how you perceive what’s happening. For example, a negative attitude can cause you to be pessimistic about every setback, while a positive attitude can cause you to be optimistic about every opportunity you encounter.

Because this is true in your life, it’s also true in your career. Your attitude toward where you’re at professionally, your place of employment, and everything in between can either positively or negatively affect your career.

Attitude and your opportunity for growth

It’s likely at some point you will work at a company that isn’t your ideal workplace. You can either choose to look for something new or stay for the experience, but either way, you need to focus on the positive instead of how you’d rather be anywhere else.

Being where you didn’t plan to be is an opportunity to help you grow if you view it that way. By looking for opportunities to learn from your circumstances and improve as a professional, you can turn an unexpected stop into a stepping stone to where you want to go.

Attitude and your opportunity for connections

Think about people you’ve encountered in your career. Are you more likely to align with people who only complain and spread negativity or those who face adversity with strength and a positive attitude? Assumedly, it’s the latter. Realizing this, your goal should be to embody the person who isn’t shaken when things get a little crazy or feels the need to complain constantly.

In order to keep your career moving, you want to build relationships with mentors and individuals in your field who can help you as you grow. Make sure you’re attracting the right people with your attitude.

Attitude and your opportunity for advancement

Promotions rarely go to someone who spends all their time being miserable. Even if you did deserve more than you were given, do you believe a bad attitude will help you achieve it? By focusing on your response to perceived setbacks and viewing them as a learning experience, you can show management how you’re growing and be a viable candidate in the future. If you don’t, your management team won’t see your potential amid your negativity.

Empower yourself for a better tomorrow

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