Simple Ways to Keep Up Productivity on a Friday!

10.16.19 | Professional Development

Sometimes the best feeling is waking up on a Friday knowing it’s your last day of work for the week and you can (maybe) sleep in tomorrow. Because of this amazing Friday-feeling, it’s easy to lose focus on-the-job and even be a little unproductive. If you find this is happening to you, try these ways to make Friday the best day of your work week.

Make a to-do list

Take some time at the end of the day Thursday to write out what you want to accomplish Friday, so you come in with a game plan. It’s important to not overwhelm yourself or make the list unachievable. It is Friday, after all! You want to focus on tasks you can complete that will put you in a good position when Monday comes along.

Start with the night before

A productive Friday begins with a restful night of sleep Thursday. It’s tempting to stay out or up a little later because it’s only Friday and then you have the weekend, but this means you’re already putting yourself in a worse position. Treat the day like any other and save the late nights for the weekend.

Knock out the most challenging items first

With a to-do list, it’s easy to go through the easiest items because it feels like you’ve accomplished something, but really, you’re just building dread for the larger, more challenging tasks. Don’t push the hard task to the end of the list – begin your day with it so it’s done and everything else is smooth-sailing.

Take breaks

Research shows the segmenting your day into work and breaks helps you work smarter because you’re giving your brain time for clarity. When you want to get something done, it seems like the best method is to plow through, but in reality, these breaks help you return to the project with a refreshed mindset.

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