“How Strong are Your Soft Skills?”

04.13.17 | Professional Development

Are you able to identify more than just your technical skills in an interview? Employers look for candidates who are not only capable workers but are also cooperative workers. A robust set of soft skills are highly valuable in the eyes of an interviewer. You acquire technical skills through training and experience (operating and driving machinery, set up machine and light facilities, keep daily logs, etc.). Soft skills are transferable skills that relate to communication, personality, and character. Employers value soft skills because you can teach someone how to perform a task, but you can’t instruct someone how to have good character traits.

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Highlighting your soft skills can set you up for success. Below, we’ve listed some of the most common soft skills and shared how you can develop them to improve your chances of being hired.

Commitment &amp; Reliability< br>Being a dedicated worker, arriving on time, offering to do more than you are required, and enthusiastically doing your best are all traits of a committed employee. When you perform these actions consistently, you will receive recognition as a dependable worker and more responsibility. Carry these actions in everyday activities to improve this skill. Arrive at appointments early, complete more chores than anticipated, and respond to friends and family members with care and urgency.

Positive Attitude< br>Do you remain positive under pressure and in stressful situations? A positive attitude is contagious. When one person remains calm and confident in chaotic circumstances, it’s easier for others to calm down and deal positively with the issue too. When you come to work with a positive attitude, you set the standard and motivate others to follow suit. Can you describe a situation where your positive energy helped direct a stressful situation?

Work Ethic< br>Willingness to work hard, and see the job through, are characteristics of a good work ethic. When you are given a task, take full responsibility for it. Don’t only do what is required; put your best work into every job, go a step above the expected, and be accountable for your mistakes. It is crucial that you prove how well you work in short work situations as well. Often, a short-term assignment can result in long-term employment if you carry yourself and your work well.

Organization< br>Organization skills are valuable in every job, whether you’re a team member or the leader. Keeping a neat workspace, managing your time, filing forms correctly, and sorting materials are all examples of tasks that require solid organizational skills. Take a moment and look around you; is your home organized? Is your car tidy? Even more important, is your mind organized?

Initiative &amp; Self-motivated< br>Initiative means you take notice of things that need to be done, and do them without having to be told. Self-motivators don’t always have to be excited about the task, but they do put their best foot forward and show confidence in their work. During your interview, explain a situation where you have gone the extra mile for a previous job.

Team Player< br>Team players get along with others easily and encourage those around them to achieve the goal at hand. They put in their share of the work, offer suggestions and solutions, and remain open to new ideas as well.

Conscientious &amp; Loyal< br>Being known as a careful and loyal worker means you work with integrity, and you are proud of the company. Most importantly, it shows that you want to do an excellent job because you know that your work reflects you and the company. To become more conscientious, strive to do your best in everything you do, pay attention to the details, be thorough, and ask questions often. Being proud of where you work and what you do can help motivate you.

As you are preparing for an interview or writing your resume, it is essential to have a list of work experiences that show off your soft skills. Think of specific examples from your work history that exemplify times when you showed dedication, worked with a team or remained positive in a stressful situation.

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