5 Tips for Your First Day on the Job

02.12.20 | Professional Development

Starting a new job is exciting and terrifying all at once, especially if you’re moving into a new field or a completely different role. One example would be a new job in a warehouse. While great for your career, you might be unsure of how to prepare for your first day. Instead of worrying, try these five tips to make your first day in the warehouse a success.

1. Get Good Shoes

You may be required to get a specific kind of shoe or boot that you’ll need on the job, or you may just need to get a comfortable pair for how long you’ll be on your feet. No matter what, make sure the footwear expectations are clear, so when you arrive, you’re prepared for the day.

2. Try to Be Early

This is a line you want to walk carefully. Arriving early is always wise because it shows you’re reliable and ready to get started. The key here is not to be too early. When you arrive way before someone is ready for you, you can be a burden and add an unnecessary sense of urgency. If you do get their faster than intended, consider mentally preparing in your car before going in instead of being a presence in the waiting area.

3. Be Friendly

One could argue that you should always be friendly on the job, but it’s especially important on your first day. This is your first introduction to your co-workers and supervisors, and you want to make a positive impression. Say ‘hello’ to people you meet and make sure you’re smiling. Remembering to smile will also help your own attitude remain positive.

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

An information dump is unavoidable on the first day, but that doesn’t mean you can’t ask questions. You should be a careful listener who asks questions for clarification when needed. This will show you’re paying attention and help you as you begin working.

5. Bring a Lunch

Unless specifically told otherwise, make sure you bring something to eat on your first day. Until you know how everything works, it’s good to plan to stay in instead of going out looking for something else. If nothing else, it’s one less thing to worry about.

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