“3 Work Habits to Avoid”

10.19.17 | Professional Development

Some work habits are downright scary. They’re the kind of bad habits that give our clients nightmares and keep human resource departments shivering with goosebumps.

Halloween is near. So in the spirit of ghouls and goblins and all things scary, let’s talk about a few of the more ‘Scary Work Habits’ and what to do to escape their frightening grip on us.

< em>Here are quite possibly the scariest work habits out there. Avoid at all costs.< /em>

< h4>Scary Habit #1: Being Careless< /h4>

Sloppiness affects not just workers themselves, but the entire work environment. There’s no room for being unprofessional. Whether it’s coming in late, having poor hygiene or simply not producing good work, sloppiness will negatively affect your entire workplace with lowered productivity and overall job satisfaction.

Here’s a few ways to fight off this scary habit and be more professional:

Take your time – Many mistakes made in the workplace are avoidable and can be blamed on rushing through assignments. Don’t be afraid to take your time and make sure what you produce is done right the first time.

However, sometimes we do make mistakes. Face your mistakes and ask for help. Many people have a hard time admitting to themselves that they’ve made a mistake, let alone telling another person about it. However, you will never improve, and you risk making the same mistakes over again if you never come to terms with them. Set aside time to ask your superiors or coworkers how you can do better and/or avoid making a mistake. This will also help you see progress in your work, allowing you room to reward yourself and embrace your future successes since you can see how you’ve improved.

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Stay organized – Resist clutter by making time each day to clean your desk or workspace. It’s much easier to feel calm and be productive when your work environment is consistently kept in order. Another key is to have a clear outline with priorities to guide your day. Embrace that to-do list and map out tomorrow while you’re still at work today. Your future you say, “Thank you!”

< h4>Scary Habit #2: Being Negative< /h4>

No one wants to work with ‘The Complainer’ – a scary species that spend more time brooding than working. It’s probably no surprise that it’s a lot easier to thrive and find fulfillment at work when you’re not focused on the negative. Easier said than done though, right?

< em>Here are some tips to embrace your positive side at work:< /em>

Express gratitude – Sharing your appreciation with your coworkers can have a significant positive impact on how you view your job and can even elevate the overall work environment. Small compliments go a long way and don’t take much effort; plus the more you focus on positive aspects of your coworkers and surroundings, the less you’ll be focused on things that you would typically take issue with.

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Stay curious and keep learning – People tend to be more happy and satisfied when they are being challenged and continually expanding their knowledge. Be proactive and ask your boss what you can do to grow your knowledge base or further your current work responsibilities. Chances are leadership will appreciate your drive and think of you as an irreplaceable employee.

Keep the big picture in mind – You may feel as if you have a ‘case of the Monday’s’ every day, but if you think of the bigger picture you’ll be able to keep small annoyances in perspective. Think about your goals and how your current job is helping you achieve them. If you struggle with aligning the future you with your current work, consider making a positive move and change positions, something we know a thing or two about!

< h4>Scary Habit #3: Being Dishonest< /h4>

I resonate with this quote from author C.S. Lewis: “Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.” I can’t stress enough how vital trustworthiness is to our team at Workbox and it’s something we look for with every person who comes through our doors looking for a new start in their career.

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Don’t exaggerate – Our recruiters want to match our employees with the best job for them, but we can’t do our job if people are misleading about their skills and experience in the initial interview process. Be open and honest about what you can bring to the workforce. Otherwise, you may be placed in a job that isn’t the right fit, which is not good for you or those you work with.

Be dependable and consistent – This one is simple: When you say you’re going to do something, do it. Be on time and ready to work; don’t cut corners in your work and if you find you’re taking on more work than you can do, it’s better to let someone know rather than suffer in silence and cause negative consequences. Actions will always speak louder than words, so be able to back up what you commit to in your job.

So there you have it. Three scary work habits we encourage you to avoid at all costs. Can you think of others? Share some tips of your own in the comments below!