The job search can be brutal – depending on how long it takes you to find work and the number of rejections, you may be feeling disappointed and unsure of yourself, not to mention the potential financial burdens you’re facing. Instead of spending these months in despair, it might be time to consider the benefits of temporary or contract work.

1. Make money

Obviously, this is a top benefit because, without a steady income, you’ll probably want something in the downtime.

2. Try new jobs

Even if you have a set career path, working in a temporary or contract capacity gives you the opportunity to try something new.

3. Make yourself more marketable

The more experience you have, the more skills you have to offer. Plus, working in a variety of office cultures helps you learn how to navigate and thrive at different companies.

4. Expand your network

When you’re working in these temporary roles, you’ll meet several new colleagues and managers to add to your network and potentially be the key to finding your next full-time job.

5. Try new companies

Instead of being stuck with one employer who may or may not be a good fit, you can try out different environments to determine which setting works best for you.

 6. Improve your mood

Sitting around all day, worrying about getting a job can leave you depressed. By doing something proactive like working, even if it’s not in your dream role, can keep your spirits higher.

 7. Increase your chances of getting hired

Having a job makes it easier to get a job, so open your opportunities with a temporary role.

8. Find a new direction

Even if you think you know what you want to do, you may feel differently after a specific temp job. Ultimately, it can set you on a better path and leave you from years spent in a job you don’t love.

9. Grow your knowledge

Even if it’s a different field, you’ll still grow as a professional in different roles and be a better, more well-rounded employee in the future.

10. Get a job offer

The best thing about a temp or contract position is it may result in a full-time job offer! Show up, do your best, and the employer will notice.

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Depending on your career, shiftwork might be an inevitable reality, meaning at some point you’ll have to work the night shift. While it’s the same length as other shifts, it can feel longer because of the unnatural time you’re awake and working. To make it through your shift successfully, consider these four ways to survive the night shift.

Develop good sleep habits

This is especially important if you’ll be working a lot of night shifts; however, it’s still wise to consider these suggestions even if you’re scheduled sporadically. First, you should prepare for sleeping after your shift prior to working. Consider purchasing a sleep mask, white noise machine, and blackout curtains. Most of the world will be functioning when it’s time for you to sleep and these items can keep the noise and distractions out. When trying to fall asleep, don’t spend too much time on your phone, computer or watching television.

Before your shift, it’s important to stay up as late as possible the night before. This way you can sleep later into the day, allowing you to be more well-rested for your shift.

Stay hydrated

The brain is 70 percent water, meaning to keep your cognitive functions running smoothly, hydration is a must. Drinking water will keep you refreshed and alert. Use a refillable water bottle and track how much you’re drinking to ensure you’re properly hydrated for your entire shift.

 Focus on relaxation

If your overnight job is filled with stress, finding activities to help you relax when you’re not working will keep you more focused on the job and calm while you’re away. The more relaxed you are, the better you’ll be able to sleep.

Monitor your caffeine intake

Sometimes you need an extra boost for your shift, but too much can affect your need for sleep after. Make sure you’re monitoring how many cups of coffee or soda you’re consuming and avoid caffeine toward the end of your shift.

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