It being easier to get a job when you already have a job is more than just a saying, it’s a fact. A company wants to hire the best talent available, which usually means he or she is committed elsewhere given their skills. Exceptions exist, but overall applying while employed makes you more marketable.

The actionable side of this, however, makes matters more difficult. In most cases, you won’t tell your current employer you’re looking elsewhere, which means you need to tread carefully through your search. Here’s how to maneuver through job searching when you still have a job.

Keep your LinkedIn Updated

Neglecting your LinkedIn can be an immediate giveaway when your job search begins. It’s important to take time regularly to update everything so there isn’t a suspicious amount of changes when you re-enter your job search. An employer may notice a better presence online and be alerted to your actions.

Keep It on the Low

Even if you have a close work friend, you should make sure no one is aware at work. All it takes is one rumor to spread that alerts the entire office and can cause bridges to burn. Depending on your reason for leaving and your relationship with your supervisor, you might tell them. When you’re applying and interviewing, leave off current co-workers as references and ask that your current employer not be contacted.

Keep It Positive

Inevitably you will be asked in an interview why you’re leaving your current employer. You might be having a terrible experience, but you can’t express it that way to the prospective employer. Work out your response ahead of time so you’re ready to answer the question gracefully and move on. A lack of preparation might mean you ramble, leading to more negative thoughts that ultimately reflect poorly on you.

Keep it Out of Your Office Time

As eager as you are to find a new job, don’t spend your days at work searching and applying for new positions. Similarly, try and schedule your interviews out of work hours. This way, your behavior isn’t suggesting potential changes.

Keep Focused

As you look toward your next venture, it can be easy to lose sight of what you’re currently doing. When this happens, you can become unfocused at work and ultimately leave on worse terms than you intended based on performance. You can’t predict how long the job search will take, so make sure you’re still focused at your current job.

It’s Time to Empower Yourself for a Better Tomorrow.

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Cant stop looking at the clock?

Sometimes your job won’t be everything you want and it’s challenging to even pull yourself out of bed in the morning. Occasionally these seasons seem never-ending and you find yourself checking the clock constantly hoping your time on the job flies so you can leave. If this is where you are currently, ask yourself these questions to determine if it will pass or if it’s time for a new job.

Am I supported in my workplace?

It’s important to determine exactly what is leaving you in a bad mood; mainly deciding if it’s you or your environment. Think about your relationships with your co-workers and supervisors. Do you feel they have your back and are willing to support you? Or is it more of a cutthroat environment where everyone is just thinking about themselves?

Am I growing and do I have room to grow?

The longer you do the same thing day after day, the easier it is to grow restless. Look back on the last few months to see if you had the opportunities to learn new skills or advance in your position. Consider your future with the company and if there’s room for you to get promoted. Decide if the opportunities exist and you aren’t taking or pursuing them, or if there’s nowhere for you to go.

Am I overwhelmed or even burnt out?

One of the main reasons people become dissatisfied at work is due to burn out. The workloads continue to increase with no sign of letting up and eventually it tips you over the breaking point. Consider if you’re here and if there’s anything to be done so you can enjoy your work again. In some cases, there may not be an option for a reprieve in your current position.

Am I being paid enough?

It’s not always about the money but being fairly compensated is always a factor. Based on your performance, growth and industry standards, determine if you’re making enough money. Factor in your workload and anything extra you do to help the team. More money won’t solve your problems, but a raise can allow your company to express their gratitude for all the work you do.

An employment agency with you in mind

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