Is Your Manufacturing Company Leveraging Social Media to Attract Talent?

06.19.19 | Uncategorized

You can’t deny the success of social media when it comes to promoting your brand or products, but did you know it’s also a useful tool in attracting talent? When you find the right platforms for your targeted audience, you can tailor messaging meant to attract talent that costs must less than traditional methods involving advertising. Below are the top social platforms for the manufacturing industry and the best practices to leverage them successfully.


You have a lot of great information to share, especially about your company and its opportunities, so you need a platform to post these in depth and detail. By starting and regularly using your blog, you’ll not only increase your web traffic, you’ll have quality content to share on your social accounts.


As one of the most popular social media platforms, you can’t avoid a presence here. Make sure you have a business page and you’re regularly updating it with relevant information to your audience, including job opportunities. Facebook also has specific features for jobs, giving you even more reach.


This is the professional social platform that enables industry workers to connect with each other, and is particularly helpful for B2B companies. Optimize your company profile, share updates, engage with others, and help promote your job opportunities.


One of the best ways to talk about what you do is to actually show what you do. You can make videos around the type of manufacturing done at your company. You can show the creation process to the actual products in action, plus videos showing step-by-step processes. YouTube also offers editing features, so you can make your video look more professional quickly and easily.


Because this is a photo-based platform, the images you show are key. Don’t get too caught up on fancy graphics or designs. Instead, use it to show your products, workplaces, and most importantly, people. You can talk about your employment opportunities while showing your current workers in action.

Highly Qualified Manufacturing Employees

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