5 Reasons Focusing on Employee Development is More Important than Ever

12.24.19 | Management Tips

Your employees are the lifeblood of your organization, but are you taking the time to properly invest in their development? The concept of employee development continues to grow, making it a necessary focus to consider at your company. Here are five reasons employee development is more important than ever. 

1. Keeps you current

When you encourage your team to grow professionally and invest in their growth, you’re making efforts to keep your company current. In their learning, they can see new technology and options that can streamline your own business and keep you competitive. Stifling your staff’s growth could mean falling behind in the times.

2. Improves your company financially

Hiring and training is an expensive process, so when turnover occurs, you’re back at square one paying everything again. Focusing on employee development, however, can lead to higher retention rates. Even better, these loyal employees can boost your bottom line because they’re more engaged and productive.

3. Aids in internal hiring

Growing your team now is preparing them with promotions tomorrow. Outside hires serve a purpose, but there are also benefits to raising up your current employees into new roles. By investing in their career, you’re helping to prepare them for a long tenure spent working for you in different roles.

4. Attracts top talent

If you need to look outside for talent, your employee development program will help there as well. As the workforce evolves, more employees are looking for opportunities in professional growth at their companies they apply to when job searching. By making it a part of who you are, you might just be sending the right message to the right candidate.

5. Supports employee engagement

How engaged are you when you’re bored? Probably not very, but that’s what you can do to your employees when you fail to help develop them. They will do the same job day in and day out and eventually become restless and feel like they aren’t learning anything new. Taking the time to encourage and arrange growth opportunities can bring them back around and get them excited to work again.

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