What Do I Do If My Employee Isn’t Showing Up for Work?

07.05.19 | Management Tips

Because employees are humans just like you, sometimes they will need time off. Whether it’s due to illness or a planned vacation, you can expect to receive requests and notices about when they’ll be absent. While this is normal, just now showing up for work is not.

A no-show employee is one who doesn’t come to work and doesn’t tell anyone they aren’t going to, either. When this occurs, it can be frustrating to other team members who maybe have to cover and cause a delay in finding a replacement. If you’re having problems with employees no-showing their shifts, here’s what you should do.

1.Establish a policy

If you’ve already completed this step, skip to number two. If not, stick around. Without a clear policy in place, it can be hard to reprimand your employees who don’t show up for work without letting you know. You don’t really have any basis to stand on except fundamentally you know it’s wrong.

This policy should cover how to call off work, how to request days off, and what will happen if you fail to show without notifying the company. By writing this down, you have clear language explaining the repercussions of no-showing, especially after it becomes a repeated behavior.

2. Educate your employees

Second in importance to having a policy is making sure your team is aware of it. Take time to go over the rules with them, especially if this becomes an ongoing issue. Make the consequences clear so people are aware of what will happen if they break the rules.

A good way to start employees off on the right foot is to provide your policy to them and have them sign saying they’ve received and read it. This works for current employees, too. With written proof of their reception, they can’t use ‘I didn’t know’ as an excuse to get out of trouble.

3. Enforce your rules

When you don’t make it clear the rules matter, your employees will begin to pushback because they’ve yet to face any real ramifications for their behavior. They’ll know they aren’t supposed to be late or not show up, but you’ve never done anything about it so why should it matter?

Disciplining isn’t easy, but it’s necessary. In order to make sure your rules are followed, they must be enforced.

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