No matter what spurred the decision, you know when it’s time to find a new job. Ongoing frustration or desire for change can lead you to rush into the process, but landing a job is easier when you follow this job search checklist designed to help you succeed.

1. Determine what you want to do

Before you can get any ball rolling, you need to decide where you want it to go. If staying in the same field is right for you, it’s easy to jump right into the following steps. If not, make sure you take time to figure out exactly what you want to do so you can prepare everything to represent your new career path.

2. Update your professional materials

Once you’re sure where you want to go, take time to update your resume. This can be as simple as some date changes or a complete cosmetic overhaul. Make sure it represents what you’re capable of in an easy-to-understand format and shows your career progression. If you’re trying to move to a new field, tie in your skills from your current career to what you’ll need in your new pursuit.

Next, update your cover letter. While this item is tailored based on the specific job you’re applying for, you can get the basics updated, such as experience and what you’re trying to do in your career. Once everything is updated, review the materials and send them to others for editing help. One of the easiest ways to disqualify yourself is to include a typo, so don’t speed through editing.

3. Adjust your social media

Similar to updating your professional materials, don’t forget to make sure your LinkedIn reflects the most current information about your career, projects, experience, etc. Reach out to colleagues and ask for endorsements and recommendations.

Don’t forget to clean up your other social profiles. Remember – you want what you post to make you seem like a desirable candidate. This doesn’t mean you have to delete everything, just the posts that can call into question your professionalism and responsibility.

4. Begin your search

Now it’s finally time to start looking for jobs! Use every resource at your disposal to find opportunities and companies that align with where you’re trying to go. Attend conferences and networking events and reach out to friends and colleagues to inquire about opportunities. Partnering with headhunters and recruiters can help you speed up the process and get matched with a position perfect for you.

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Getting along with your co-workers is necessary for your success at work. For full-time employees, one-third of your week is spent around these people, leaving plenty of opportunities for tempers to flare and gossip to spread. To start your relationship with your co-workers on the right foot at a new job, remember these four tips:

Show you’re ready to go

You want to start your first day off right for a number of reasons, including establishing relationships with your team. By arriving on time and prepared to face the day, you’re showing your new co-workers you’re here to be productive and work.

Introduce yourself

Some introductions might be made by your supervisor, but it’s possible you’ll find yourself with very few connections the first day. Nerves might be a factor given everything else going on, so prepare for these initial meetings. Consider nailing down your intro speech ahead of time, so you’re not scrambling with every new person you meet. By knowing what you need to say, you can face these conversations with confidence.

Stay engaged

No matter how much you want to check your phone, resist, especially during your first few weeks. Because you’re new, people will watch you with more scrutiny, meaning excessive cell phone use may cause them to approach a supervisor about your performance. Get to know the company and culture before taking personal calls, texts or emails.

Don’t rush out at the end of your day

When the workday finally ends, it’s tempting to rush home, relax and decompress after everything that happened. Instead of being one of the first ones out of the office, try staying and journaling your thoughts and experiences from throughout the day. This quiet time allows you to focus on questions, take notes, and write down any ideas to discuss at a later date. You can also use this time to write down everyone you met and first impressions. This simple act of notetaking may help you get to know your team members faster.

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One of the best problems to have as a hiring manager is two standout candidates you want to hire. Too often, you have the opposite problem when you don’t have a single star from your search and you’re forced to settle. With two great options, you know no matter what, you’re getting an exceptional employee. Use these tips to make the decision between two candidates.

Think About Your Culture

At the end of the day, you know both applicants are qualified, so you need to find the one who will fit in best with your company culture. One of the easiest tests is to think about an after-hours work event. Which candidate seems like they will fit in the best in this environment with the rest of your team?

Decide What You’re Actually Looking For

Break down the position by skills, team members, cultures, etc. Create an ideal version of the employee you’d like to hire and see which candidate aligns best with what you envision. This way, you’re looking at them from all angles and matching them to who you feel would be the perfect fit.

Talk to Your Teammates

This works in two ways: First by talking to those who were also in the interview to gauge their opinion, and second my discussing the matter with the new hire’s team. When you do this, you’re bringing in new insight that may help you see the matter more clearly and come to a decision faster. Plus, you’re including their teammates, which will make them feel more involved and more like they had a say in who joined them.

Consider Your Offer

Even if a candidate has made it this far with you, it doesn’t mean they will automatically say yes when you extend an offer. Additionally, the fact you really want them might mean they’re equally desired elsewhere. Once you’ve made your choice, it’s important to make sure your offer is competitive, and expresses how much you want to hire this person.

Failing to tailor an offer or go higher than you anticipated might mean they pass for another opportunity or reject what you initially present, causing the process to go longer. If you really want this candidate, you need to prove it.

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