“How Wages Increase or Decrease the Availability of Quality Candidates”

02.16.17 | Looking to Hire

When searching for new employees, whether temporary employees, holidays help or full-time staff, determining the right wage for each and position is important. Other than fitting their pay into your budget, the wage should reflect the responsibilities of the job and the quality of the work you expect.

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Wages affect more than your bottom line. They can also change who applies for the position.

Finding Quality Candidates

As a staffing agency, we speak with employers daily about how challenging finding qualified candidates for open positions can be. Sometimes, they get too few applications, or they get applications from people who don’t meet the job qualifications. We also often hear that qualified candidates, sometimes even those that have been interviewed multiple times, turn down opportunities that pay less than the same job at a competitor.

These problems don’t mean that there’s low availability of quality candidates. It likely means that employers are paying wages that are too low or are not competitive with the market in their area.

How Wages Affect Quality Candidates

The pay range for a position can impact the quality of candidates that apply for your job openings. If you set wages too low, you could get too few applications or applications from candidates lacking necessary skills and expertise. To get candidates with experience or training, established a competitive pay range for open positions.

Typically, the higher a company pays, the easier it is to find quality candidates and fill positions in a shorter time frame. With the right wages offered, you might find your jobs fill up faster with more quality candidates than you’ve had before.

If you’re looking to get a wide range of highly-qualified candidates for your company’s open jobs, you’ll need to spend some time studying fair wages in your community. What do other companies pay for this position or for the level of experience you are looking for? What kind of job duties or level of education require more pay than others and are they overseeing tasks or other employees?

When you work with a staffing agency, you can save time and avoid spending hours upon hours studying wages in your area. At Workbox Staffing, we use our experience and knowledge of your market to offer guidance on fair and competitive wages for each position. We help fill thousands of jobs every year, helping us understand what companies in many industries are paying. We can help you set the right wage so that you don’t overpay, but still receive applications from qualified candidates that end up as future employees.

Finding quality candidates can be challenging at times, but understanding the pay scale for open positions can help you find the right person for every job.